Monday, January 21, 2008


Ever since Gov. Mike Huckabee’s numbers started climbing in the polls, the media and the Republican establishment have gone all-out to disparage him and derail his campaign. Surprisingly, the Conservative media led by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Hannity, Dennis Prager and scores of others has spearheaded the jihad against Huckabee, condemning him as a “pro-life liberal” and a “false conservative” Thanks to their ceaseless anti-Huck campaign, the establishment has successfully brainwashed thousands, if not millions of viewers and listeners….so far (there are still 44 states left). These self-proclaimed torchbearers of Conservatism NEED TO REALISE that they are out of touch with reality, and the base. The SC primary results are a testimony to this. The exit poll data show that voters chose Huckabee over McCain in several categories OUTSIDE OF EVANGELICAL VOTE. Huck took the 18-44 yrs old vote, abortion (keep it illegal always) vote, the tough-on-illegal immigration vote, the republican vote, the conservative vote and the very conservative vote. The real Conservative base has not been fooled! The rest (pseudo-conservatives) have been. Birds of the same feather folk together…and there is no need for the establishment and the media to define and redefine “conservatism” and declare who the true conservative is! The Conservative media shouldn’t live under the illusion that the public is unaware of the link between Romney and Bain Capital and it is obvious that the support of a good chunk of the media would be biased and in favor of Mitt Romney. Also, the fact that the establishment led by the “Club of Greed” is rallying around Thompson, Romney and Giuliani, and giving a second look to McCain is no news to the true Conservatives.

It is painful to see that the only Republican candidate with a chance to defeat the Clinton machinery is being betrayed by the very party that ought to have embraced him. Being elected and re-elected in an overwhelmingly Democrat state run by the Clinton machinery is no joke. Huckabee’s conservatism is similar to Reagan’s- even Reagan raised taxes when circumstances compelled him to do so. The fact that the rank of Arkansas school-education quality went up from near bottom (49th) to the top ten list (rank 8th) during the course of his tenure is just an example of the countless transformations that Huckabee brought about in Arkansas, leaving behind the legend of the visionary and the commander that Huckabee is. Giuliani and Romney will definitely not win the general election (count on the crucial but sizeable chunk of evangelical voters who will prefer to sit home rather than vote for them), and Thompson has slept too much to be a serious contender in the race. McCain, despite all the euphoria of late, cannot win- the very-conservative and the social conservative voters abstaining from voting for him will cross out whatever independent votes he will be getting. Logically, that leaves Huckabee as the only viable candidate, the sole candidate who will be able to bring out everyone of the foot soldiers of the Republican Party (particularly the social conservatives) to vote on the Election Day.

Huckabee represents the new-face of the Conservative movement. This is attested to by the fact that in both Iowa and SC, Huckabee won more than 40% of the young vote. For many youngsters, Huckabee is the only reason for not voting in the Democrat primary this election cycle. It is a national trend that an increasing disproportionate share of the youngsters is voting Democrat- a trend, if not checked, that would have serious repercussions for the Republican Party in the future. Even Conservative youngsters find the Democrats more appealing as they hold common views when it comes to issues like Global poverty, racial reconciliation and the environment. The excitement that has been generated amongst the GOP youngsters this time should be credited mainly to Huckabee. The refusal of the establishment and the media to acknowledge the shift in the priorities of the X and Y GOP generation is suicidal to both the GOP and Conservatism in the long run. History will judge and will be very harsh on all those (particularly Limbaugh & Co and the Club of Greed) who have condemned the efforts of visionaries (like Huckabee) to bridge the gap between older conservatives on the one hand and the younger conservatives on the other. Another dynamic shift in the electoral mood of the country has been the growing disillusionment of the middle class and the already antagonized working class with the GOP. Huckabee is the only GOP candidate who has gained support from them as is evident from the support of various unions towards his candidacy. Besides, Huckabee is the only GOP candidate to have gained support from Afro-Americans as in evident from the more than thirty endorsements including that of Rev. Bill Owens (leader of the Coalition of African American Pastors).

The President has to be the commander-of-chief of the entire nation. The fact that Huckabee has mass appeal cutting across race, ethnicity and classes is testimonial to his popularity, electability and the genuineness of his personality. The Wall Street and the establishment have come up with their own definition of “a true conservative”, and are imposing it on the masses. Sorry, I am not deceived! And neither will my fellow countrymen be. A person may be fooled initially, but not for long. Another Huckaboom is in the offing! Remember that Huckabee’s support is grassroot. He's been almost broke from the beginning, thanks to the war waged on him by the establishment with the media playing the role of the latter's cheer leaders. But he has been able to endure this far due to the support of the common man. The presidential race is like a marathon. Huckabee might have won and lost some early battles, but this has only inspired the people from the main street to work harder towards electing a man of their own so that Washington no longer remains the exclusive hub of the Wall Street.

The war ain't over, 'til it's over. On to Florida!